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What is a patch test? and why do I need one? I've never needed one before.

A Patch test is when we test the product on a sensitive area of your skin 24-48hours prior to your scheduled appointment. These tests are required for tinting and spray tans and are a legal requirement therefore are non-negotiable. Not all salons carry out patch tests, this is not professional and they are liable if you have a reaction. We do not charge you to carry out this procedure.

Why do I need a consultation on my first visit to your salon?

We conduct a consultation with every client at our salon on their first visit, or first treatment of a different kind (facial client wishing to have a spray tan for example). This is to ensure that we are aware of any previous or current medical conditions, Having this knowledge allows us to adapt our treatments in any way possible to accommodate you. Consultations also allow us to inform you of any contra-actions (reactions) that may occur post treatment.
During a consultation we will tell you everything you need to know about the treatment you are due to have, this time helps to form a rapport between the client and therapist, therefore gaining trust and confidence in your therapist.
We also use this time and information to suggest the best possible treatment for the client.

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